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Jack and Jill Rolling Rhyme


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The Jack and JIll Rolling Rhymes combine a nursery rhyme and great graphics on a removable octagon shaped spool that turns with the rolling of the wheels on the car. The faster the car is rolled the faster Jack & Jill bump along!
On one side of the spool is the rhyme Jack & Jill and on the other is kids friendly graphics of Jack & Jill tumbling with their pail of water.  The car is decorated on both sides with Jack & Jill's well on a green hill. The car also comes with holes in the front and back to make the rolling rhyme a pull toy.
Car measures 6" long, 4 1/2" tall, and 2 3/4" wide.

Finish:non-toxic inks and lacquer

Age: 3 and up

Made in USA

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