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Farm Play Set-Natural


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Our wooden 21 piece farm set includes our block barn, tractor and 9 play figures.

The 11 piece barn block set is crafted from locally harvested hardwood maple and has engraved graphics.  All 11 blocks are 1" thick for easy standing and stacking. Five blocks measure 2" X 4", two blocks are 2" X 2", two large triangles are 2" X 3 3/4" and two small triangles are right triangles that measure 2" X 2".  The unique graphics, on the front side of each block include a cat, a rooster, a pig and a horse. 

A farm family of 5 - mom, dad, and 3 children, a mini-monster tractor and 4 farm animals - horse, cow, dog and pig are included in the set.

Finish; None

Ages: 1 and up

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