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Baby Girl's First Teddy Bear


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Mobile? Check. Safety crib? Check. Hi-tech stroller? Check. Baby Girl's First Bear? Every brand new baby girl deserves the best a family can give, but all the gadgets in the world won't replace that simple feeling a brand new teddy bear gives in every hug. Baby Girl's First Bear is just the right size for your new loved one. Her arms are outstretched to give and receive the greatest of hugs. She's also sitting up so she can chat, play or just hang out with your little gal while she's napping. Baby Girl's First Bear is the perfect gift for expecting or new mothers and fathers, newborn baby girls or collectors of baby-themed stuffed animal gifts. Heading to the hospital to greet the newest addition to the family? Don't forget to pack a little bear hug for the trip because she comes home for the first time only once in her life.

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